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Column configurator

The column configurator gives the user the possibility to configure which columns are presented in the view.

Column configurator menu

Adding columns to view

The + Add column button will add a column to the view. Clicking the field will open a dropdown menu with a list of columns not present in the view. Choose desired column and click save.

Column configurator few columns visible

All columns visible

When all columns are visible in the list, the + Add column button is disabled and it is not possible to add more columns.

Column configurator all columns visible

Reordering columns

By clicking and dragging the icon left to the column name, it is possible to order the columns in desired order in the view.

Column configurator reordering columns

Removing columns from the view

By clicking the x on the right side of the column name, the columns will be removed from the view.

Column configurator removing columns

Reset to default

The Reset to default button returns the view into a predefined state where the most common columns are visible to the user.

Column configurator reset to default