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What is LOGiCAL

LOGiCAL allows you to perform the following calibration management related tasks in your organization:

  • Create and maintain LOGiCAL users (Organization admin)
  • Create and maintain roles & permissions and assign LOGiCAL users to these roles
  • Create and maintain plant structure
  • Create and maintain instruments
  • Create and maintain references
  • Schedule and assign calibration tasks
  • Synchronize calibration tasks to supported mobile devices
  • Completed calibration results can be synchronized back to the LOGiCAL
  • Review calibration results in LOGiCAL and
  • Generate pdf calibration certificates


LOGiCAL users are maintained in a separate myBeamex -application.

Supported browsers

LOGiCAL and myBeamex functionality has been verified with following web browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome

Terms of service and privacy policy

The terms of service and privacy policy are available here

About this document

This document has been organized in the order tasks should be performed when starting to use LOGiCAL. Additionally, a Getting started with LOGiCAL section has been added to this Help documentation to cover the basic steps needed when a new user starts to use LOGiCAL.

Typographic conventions

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