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Beamex Sync is an cloud-based service that enables asynchronous data transfer between Beamex calibration management software and calibrators.

The Beamex Sync application is a software installed on your computer to synchronize instruments and results between Beamex calibrators and the Beamex Sync service. The same functionality is also built into the bMobile application.

Two alternative communication methods between Beamex calibrators and Beamex Sync application are supported:

  • USB
  • wireless communication.

The Beamex Sync Architecture when used with LOGiCAL. Beamex_Sync_LOGiCAL_Architecture

The Beamex Sync Architecture when used with CMX. Beamex_Sync_CMX_Architecture


  • If using USB to communicate, calibrator USB drivers (WinUSB) on the computer are required.
  • Beamex wireless communication utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Wireless communication option and Bluetooth adapter for the calibrator are required.
  • If you are using a MC2 or a MC4 calibrator: The MC2/MC4 calibrator USB drivers must be installed separately. Installing the drivers requires administrator privileges on the computer. The MC2/MC4 USB drivers can be found from Beamex download center. Look for section MC2 or MC4.
  • Due to a known driver issue, the application stops redrawing when running on Intel Iris Xe Integrated GPU(11th Gen). Visit Intel for updated driver.